Welcome to DJ Frost Studios: Home of “The Podcast Pilot”!

Have you ever wanted your own audio product,  your own information audio product or your own podcast and yet you had no idea how to start it and incorporate it into your brand?

As a solo entrepreneur I’ve been in your place myself. I had my own hypnosis practice for many years while seeing hundreds of clients plus conducting my own workshops.  As a result of that, I created my own information products and my own podcasts which were a vital part of enhancing my brand and getting more people to know about me and experience my products from the comfort of their own homes.

I’ve produced 15 hypnosis albums that are now available on Amazon,  iTunes and other outlets that enable MP3 downloads. I also created multiple podcasts that people listen to weekly on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes. My podcast averages 1,000 listeners weekly!  Can you imagine having that kind of worldwide exposure to you and your business?

At DJ Frost Studios,  it’s my mission now to help solo entrepreneurs create the audio products that will enhance their influence with their core audience while allowing them to engage with your core message.

Can you imagine how it would feel to have your own CD in your hands and available when you’re doing a speaking engagement? Or being able to direct people to your own podcast to let them experience more of the wisdom and knowledge that you possess? When you take the time to create your own audio product, this will give people a chance to fine you and experience you as part of the know, like and trust formula to getting new clients and making more sales.

When you come to my studio you’ll have somebody helping you that has experience and knowledge to help you create your audio message produced for your audience. I’ll take you by the hand and lead you through the entire process of outlining what precisely you want to create then recording it in my studio and editing it to your satisfaction.

My love of coaching others has brought me on this path of helping coach people who now want to create an enlightened world to make it a better place. I want to help coach people to design and feel comfortable with the audio creations they’re able to achieve in my studio. I want to coach people to be relaxed and confident and have great self-esteem that they’ve created a quality audio product and podcast that they can call their own.

Everybody deserves their own audio product or podcast. You don’t have to be a big-name before you have your own audio product or podcast. This is the step that will help you in becoming known for your special skills in your expertise for your core discipline that makes you special.  Anyone can be an audio superstar!